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Main Ideas from Sunna

Compiled by Dr.Vladimir Antonov



Translated from Russian into English
by Dr.Mikhail Nikolenko




And now let us acquaint ourselves with some hadiths — statements of prophet Muhammad and of God through him, which are recorded in the books of the Holy Tradition of Islam — Sunna (cited from Condition of Faith. Hadiths, Tumen, 1991):


* * *

Good education is the best legacy that can be handed down to children.

Speak always the truth, even if it is not profitable for you!

Share what you know with others and teach them!

Him, who pitied no one, no one will pity.

Be not a burden to people!

Do not sit down between two sitting people without first asking their permission.

Be economical and do not bring yourself to destitution!

Do not do things which then make you conscience-stricken!

The riches consist not in quantity of goods but in the breadth of the soul.

The knowledge is a treasure, the key to which is inquiry.

Step away from a fool!

Avoid intoxicating drinks!…

Calmness is a gain; disarray is a loss.

Do not be in a hurry in taking decisions and provide for consequences!

Do not judge anyone on assumptions or if you have doubts.

Exhort every one to do no evil!

If you have to punish the guilty never strike him in the face!

He who wakes up lately closes for himself the door to prosperity.

Any bribe is a sin and an odious source of income!

He who has flared up should stop speaking immediately!

An inhospitable person is an inferior person!

Repay to those who made good to you!

It is a virtuous deed — to forgive those who offended you, to give to those who refused to give to you, to stretch a hand of peace to those who quarrel with you!

O man! If you are not satisfied with the small, the great can satisfy you neither!

Do good deeds without creating buzz.

Do not wish death to yourself or to others.

He who does not thank people will not thank Allah also.

Everything created by Allah is fine, though people do not always understand it!

Allah created diseases, but He also created medicines for them.

Allah is generous and likes generous people.

For everything there is a way. The way to paradise is opened by knowledge.

Do not be lazy to go for knowledge even to distant China, because gaining knowledge is the main duty of a Muslim!

Panhandling is an indecent occupation!

Begin a meal with remembering about Allah and be not choosy with food!

The gate to well-being is locked, and work is the key to it.

To divine and to believe the words of diviners, foretellers, and sorcerers is meanness.

A bad person is characterized by the following features: he lies in conversation, does not keep his promises, and, feeling impunity, commits base deeds.

Pay a worker for his work before his sweat dries up!

He who is mild, who behaves well, and does not harm others will never be touched by the fires of hell!

An hour spent for gaining useful knowledge is more pleasing to Allah than a whole night spent for praying.

In any time try to be pure!…


Specially for men:


Be kind to women!…

A noble one is kind to women; a low one is guileful to them.

Respect women!…

If you are called by the father and the mother at the same time, come first to the mother!