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Sufi Grand Master


Our group is visiting a place located between two clear brooks in a birch forest. Along the brooks, willow bushes grow thickly together. The forest is filled with the moist aroma of autumn morning and with the odor of birches.

We build a fire of dry branches and fallen birch trunks. The smell of birch smoke from the fire enhances the feeling of tender forest coziness…

Apart from us, no other people visit this place. But it is inhabited by snipes and woodcocks, displaying in spring. In winter, one may come across traces of hares, wild boars, and foxes. Along the banks of the larger brook, one may see beaver teeth marks on the trees.

Today we have come not to them but to the Divine Teacher; He calls Himself Sufi Grand Master — Grand Master of Sufism.

He says that He is one of the founders of Islam, the creator of its main — Sufic — branch. In the first century of the Muslim calendar, living in Arabia He accepted fully the Teachings about God given through prophet Muhammad and fulfilled them.

“I cognized Allah and became His Integral Part. In that sense, I am Allah,” He says about Himself.

This is true indeed: the Consciousness of Grand Master comes out immensely from the Creator’s Abode, remaining inseparably connected with the Creator.

Inside the Mahadouble of Grand Master, the space is filled with Divinely subtle energies. This is one of the remarkable places of power for cleansing the chakras and meridians, for crystallization of the consciousness and further growth of the developed consciousness into the Creator.

The Tenderness of Allah dominates here.

We ask Him to tell about the methods which He used to attain the state of Divinity and which He imparted later to His disciples.

He begins narration:

“My Path is the Path of Heart. Allah taught it to Me. I accepted this Path and under Allah’s guidance developed it and imparted it to others.

“The Path of Heart implies embracing the principles of Love and Quietness.

“… He taught Me to listen to the quietness

“First, one has to learn listening to the sounds around: the sound of the wind, the lapping of waves, the calls of birds, the crackle of a fire… After that, one can start listening to the quietness.

“I came to know that all various sounds are local and transient, while the quietness is omnipresent and eternal. Beneath all sounds existing in the universe, there spreads infinitely the Great Quietness.

“For hours I could listen to the sounds of the world — beautiful and diverse, and then I would ‘release’ Myself and ‘sink’ into it — into the quietness. There I could see the clear transparence of the quietness, hear its silence. I could freely and easily swim in it, submerge to the very Depths of it… Gradually the Great Quietness became My home…

“From there, I saw that all sounds of the worlds are as if created by the Great Quietness. I saw how its breathing fills from within all forms of life — and they sound as a well-trained choir of various musical instruments. Like flowers, sounds unfold for a moment in the eternity of the Great Quietness…”

“Why did You listen to the world? Were You born blind?”

“This, of course, would be a beautiful version, but no — I was sighted. Someone is born a painter, someone is born a musician. Someone sees and someone hears the world. I heard it.

“By the way, for beginners it is more beneficial to listen to the space around. By listening, you can embrace a much larger volume of space, you can even hear that which you cannot see.

“The one who has learned to listen can become the Master of Quietness.

“The quietness gives you calm.

“The peculiar feature of the quietness is that it gets filled with you.

“The quietness — as a result of studying and cognizing it — becomes filled with you and with God…

“Allah suggests cognizing Him through this method.”

“But You have missed an essential point: one has to listen to the quietness not with the ears which are on the head, but with the hearing of the spiritual heart…”

“Yes, you understand it correctly. But I told about this in the beginning of My story…

“Indeed, I developed anahata earlier: before the incarnation among Arabs. And earlier yet, I was one of the first Christians-Hesychasts*… It is then that I learned to listen to the quietness.

“Moreover, by the time of incarnating among Arabs, I was a sufficiently developed soul, and thus I could choose where to incarnate. I became not a nomad, who breeds cattle, but placed Myself in an oasis.

“Peach trees among date palms, wheat fields, and an abundance of other boons… — all this provided Me with adequate nourishment. And this is an essential condition for retaining and developing further the best qualities of the soul. Every one of you knows this very well: formerly your Master received this information from Me…

“… Thus I began My service on the Arabian Peninsula. Among the deserts of Arabia, I had to create one more spiritual hearth on the Earth.

“… In the West, the way of life is quite different from the one in Arabia. In Arabia, most of the population were free nomads whose life was not bound by a certain place of living. They bred cattle and moved with their herds from one place to another… This way of life made them freer compared with the people of the western world. They less willingly accepted any power over themselves, the very idea that some person can hold power in their lands was strange to them…

“To make them listen to Me, I had to capture their interest, to propose to them an idea that would captivate their free minds.

“I captivated them with ideas about the Higher Justice. I taught them about walking the path of good towards the Supreme, Which represents the Higher Justice.

“The Supreme is the source of all ideals, the origin of every virtue. The Supreme does not depend both on anyone and anything; no power has a hold on It. Therefore, It is the Foundation of the true justice.

“The Higher Justice, taught I, will always prevail. Somewhere among people there is injustice, but it cannot last forever. The Supreme will set a limit to it and judge: what was just and what was unjust.

“I said that the Supreme shines like the sun. In Its Light, everything is seen in its true nature. Thus, no tricks can help untruth appear as truth, when it comes to the judgment of the Supreme.

“I taught not to seek revenge on offenders, not to search for the thieves in order to punish them and to return the stolen items. I taught not to judge others, because such a judgment is but an illusion of justice: it is only the Supreme that can judge justly — and in due time It will judge everyone and everything. I said that no court on the Earth can judge on behalf of the Supreme, and no ruler has a right to declare that his judgment is the judgment from the Supreme. A virtuous heart aspiring to the Supreme can directly perceive the Higher Justice — and then such a person will live according to Its laws and under Its protection.

“… But the most confidential thing which I taught and which alone opens the gate to Allah’s Abode is what the anahata chakra is, how to develop oneself through it, how to learn to go outside of it in order to settle and live in the new Home — in the Abode of Allah. I have shown all this to you already during the years of work of our common School — the School of Allah, the School of the Creator. Now I spread your knowledge — using your bodies — throughout the planet.”

“Could You tell us more details about Your childhood? This would be useful from the pedagogical standpoint: how to educate children in order to create the most favorable conditions for developing in them qualities which are important for their evolutionary growth?”

“Well, listen.

“… Once My father took Me, a little boy, with Him on a caravan journey to Mecca. It was the strongest impression of My childhood! The awareness of the soul awakened! And I looked at the world around not with the eyes of a child, but beheld the Earth as a Creation of Allah! Since that moment, He became real for Me!

“… Once we stood on the edge of a high plateau; it seemed to Me that I could see the whole world from there! I could look down from a bird’s eye view!

“The sun was rising. Caravans in a valley below looked as tiny figures of people and camels. Flocks of birds were passing below Me…

“At that moment I felt how Great is the One Who created all this! For the first time, I realized: ‘Allah is Great! There is no one superior to Him! His Power is unlimited!’

“Allah, Who created this world, filled then My being with wonderful joy of experiencing His Greatness!

“I praised Allah, the Lord of the worlds!

“… Seeing My rapturous devotion to Allah, which was growing from year to year, My father sent Me to one of the first madrasahs for studying.

“It was not only about religious education. I received an opportunity to become acquainted with the heritage of many centuries of Arabian wisdom…

“… When reading the Quran, I felt as if Allah Himself was present with Me, reading it with Me, and explaining the meaning of every word…

“Yet sometimes… I was just looking through the lines and could not feel His presence…

“I asked the preceptors:

‘Why does it happen like this?’

“They answered that Allah willed so…

“Then I began asking Allah and studying Myself. I understood that when My heart is full of love for Allah — He comes to Me, He stays with Me, He fills My heart with Himself. And then the words of the Quran sound like Celestial hymns!

“Then I started learning to enter the state of exalted love for Him, the Lord of the worlds! At that, My chest would fill with warmth, and tears would spring to My eyes — so great was the joy of feeling Him, so immense was the gratitude to Him for His Love, for His being with Me!

“This adolescent experience allowed Me later to create zikr: a meditative method that creates a field of love and attunes all the participants to openness to Allah. I studied its mechanisms later, but at that time, it was the first occasion when I felt the power of meditations performed from the spiritual heart — and the Joy of Allah filled My life!

“… I was already a big, crystallized consciousness by the time of coming to this incarnation. Thus when I read or talked to others, it had a profound effect: people would fall in the state of love and feel God. Seeing this power in Myself, after completing My education I went to preach the Teachings of Allah, and I felt that He blessed Me to walk this Path! I preached and taught that which I knew at that time…

“… But once an unexpected delay happened to Me on this path… It taught Me a lot…

“I met a girl… She was filling a jug with water… I asked her for a drink. She gave Me some water… I felt flame enveloping Me. Tenderness filled My hands, and My tongue began to speak in verse… Her joyful laugh was like a purling brook, her figure was grace incarnate… In her eyes, behind the long thick eyelashes, was an ocean of tenderness… When a flick of these eyelashes opened for a moment her look, I saw shining of stars in its depth… I touched her hand. The flame of love flared up in Me and reddened her cheeks. Her lips opened towards the feeling, which captivated us both…

“I thanked Allah for this love! I cognized the greatness of love between two souls!

“… We got married and were happy together.

“… Time passed by… I got a home… My life became more and more filled with worldly cares, and… I had less and less time for God…

“I got two more wives, as is customary in the East…

“Had it lasted a little longer — and My life would have become completely subject to worldly concerns…

“… And then Allah sent Me an illness. Death was looking Me in the eyes and telling Me that I had not fulfilled that which I made the purpose of My life when I decided to come — with Allah in My heart — to people after completing the madrasah…

“Then I began to realize the truths about monasticism. I realized that a servant of Allah has to be always turned with the soul, that is with all the attention and aspiration, towards Allah and strive to cognize Him! And I understood that… I realized this too late!…

“… They sent Me in a stretcher to a famous healer… On the way, our caravan was attacked by warlike Bedouins… They counted Me dead, other people were killed…

“An Indian, who was travelling with another caravan, picked Me up… He took Me, half-dead, to a village nearby and stayed there with Me for some time. He healed Me partially and then began to teach Me about the human organism, about the chakras and meridians… He taught Me the basics of meditation — about working with the consciousness. It is from him that I learned about the ethics of killing-free nutrition.

“… I did not use bodies of killed animals for food from childhood: I pitied them. Yet, I violated this principle once, and this caused My serious illness…

“I realized My mistakes, and repentance helped Me to cleanse the soul. Thanks to the methods learned from the Indian, I could continue healing My body…

“He left before I recovered. He told Me that I would recover Myself and that great service to God awaited Me…

“… And then Allah filled with Himself every day of My newly obtained life — a life with Him!

“I was allowed to touch again the Light which I felt in Myself formerly as Allah’s presence — and to touch, beyond the limits of the body, that Depth of multidimensionality where He abides!

“Then it was easy. Allah could lead Me: now I was able to hear and comprehend His Will very clearly!

“I submerged into His Depths in His Great Quietness! I cognized Him!

“Now I was able to see Him — My Beloved!

“The hands of the soul touched His Light, and His Shining in Me became brighter and brighter!

‘Enter into Me, submerge in the Ocean of My Light deeper! What you feel now is but My surface, go deeper into Me!’ He was telling Me.

“And, full of reverence, I submerged into Him — and He embraced Me from all sides! We merged together! I was in Him, and He was in Me, We were One!

‘O Allah, O My Lord! How can it be that I am merging with You, yet I do not burn down of love, which overfills Me? How can it be that I submerge My arms into Your Depths to embrace You? How can it be that I see Your Light with the eyes of the soul, and yet I remain alive?’ I was asking Him in the ecstasy of love.

‘You know now very well that I exist! And I love you! I let into My Depths those who love Me! I live in them, and they live in Me!’ He was answering Me.

“… Since that moment, I did nothing without Him. He was in Me. He manifested Himself in everything around; He filled everything with Himself!

“I started to teach people and to create methods that would allow one to become closer to Him, to cognize Him. I did it by combining all the best that I had learned in the course of My life. They were the methods of the Straight Path, which were shown by Him. I had disciples striving for cognition of the Supreme. The Teachings became known to more and more people. Among My disciples, there were young as well as mature men… Their number was growing…”

“Tell us please, how did You teach Your disciples to work with the chakras?”

“The methods of this work are well known to you. But it makes sense to tell about them once again, because there is a great confusion in the minds of people about this matter.

“In total, the chakras are seven. The chakras of a successfully evolving person — healthy and harmonious — are developed and full of pure energy. In weak or sick people, or in those indulging in vices, the chakras can be undeveloped or, if developed, full of coarse dark energy.

“It is designed by Allah that the chakras are a part of the human organism. Emotions are born in them. They are regulators of the activity of the consciousness inside the body. The chakras are also passages to the depths of the multidimensional universe. But in order to enter these subtle worlds, one has to develop the chakras, cleanse them and fill them with pure, subtle light. Yet, such work can be done provided one observes killing-free nutrition and actively works on the ethical transformation of oneself.

“The main one of all the chakras is anahata. It is from this chakra that one has to start developing oneself as a consciousness.

“The Light of Allah enters souls of people only through the cleansed and developed chakras.

“There are only seven notes — yet there is no measure to the number of beautiful musical compositions! There are only seven chakras — but what a wealth of various subtlest states of the consciousness the Light of Allah can give us when it enters the chakras!

“Allah, as a Great Musician, can play the Divine melody of Love on this ‘instrument’ created by Him — on the human organism. Yet this Divine melody can sound only if the ‘instrument’ functions properly.

“… But let Me continue My story…

“Once I sent one of My disciples to My former home to find out what had happened to My wives. He came back and told Me that when the wives came to know about My death, two of them got married again, but My first beloved went to search for Me and since then no one had seen her…

“… I traveled and taught a lot. In an oasis, a center of the School was established… My disciples went from it to various parts of the world describing to people the Path to Allah illuminated by His Love.

“Once a man eager to study came to Me… And when he lifted his eyelashes, in the depth of his eyes familiar stars flared up and looked at Me. I recognized her… — My first beloved…

‘I knew that Allah would bring me to You!’ she said. ‘He told Me that when I would go to seek Him, I would meet You too. I thought that it would happen after death, when Allah allows the loving souls to meet in paradise!… He is truly omnipotent, our Lord! I even did not dare to believe that I could meet You before death! Allow me to stay and to learn that which You teach!’

“Great was My joy! The design of Allah was marvelous! I asked her to change her men’s clothes: Allah had never forbidden women to cognize His Love!

“She became My first female disciple. And she cognized Him in all fullness!

“She wrote wonderful poetry devoted to the Great Beloved. She helped many people realize that God brings us closer to Him not on the basis of sex but on the basis of the aspiration of the heart. And women’s hearts, with their natural tenderness and subtlety, are capable of coming to the Heavenly Beloved and merging with Him even more quickly than the hearts of men. And after crossing the threshold of His dissolving Love — both men and women become equally One with Him!

“… I disclose neither My nor her name here, so that no one of those who worship only names begin to worship the names of Ours…”

“What would You like to tell people through us?”

“God wants to speak in the soul of everyone! And then everyone can and has to listen to Him!

“Yet God begins to speak only when one listens with the ‘ears’ of the spiritual heart, rather than with the ears on the head.”




Sulia is a Sufi woman. Men’s qualities of character — energy, leadership, fieriness! — in a strong female body.

She looked so in Her last incarnation. And now She appears before us as a most tender Divine Fire, arising from the Universal Depths. She embraces us with Her Love and dissolves us in Herself.

“Tell us please about Yourself.”

“Everything is Allah! And there are no other Gods besides Him! One day, the Light of Allah came to My heart — and never left it. I was a Conveyor of Allah’s Will: He spoke and acted through My body in My last incarnation.”

“Where had You been embodied before?”

“It doesn’t matter! A Sufi, if he or she is worthy, is born a second time* in the Abode of the Beloved — and completes the Path in its Depths! Therefore, the homeland and the final asylum of such a Sufi is Allah’s Abode!

“… I was one of Grand Master’s disciples. Allah gave Me a male body in that incarnation, and I devoted Myself completely to the apprenticeship: to cognition of Beloved Allah!

“Grand Master is a true Master! Learning from Him was the greatest happiness!

“… At the age of 23, Allah called Me into Him — and the ‘vacation time’ came: the time of rest from earthly life.

“During the ‘vacation’, I was writing works on the fundamentals of Islam through several embodied disciples. These works exist to the present day in the libraries of Kazakhstan.

“My next incarnation, the last one, was in the eighteenth century in Kazakhstan. I was guided again by My Grand Master: He conveyed the Will of Allah through My body…

“… And now, after returning finally to the Abode of the Beloved, I continue working in Kazakhstan — in that part of it where there are museums, archives, and scientists who study Islam.

“It was Me Who suggested to you the e-mail sending to Kazakhstan’s people with the purpose of informing them about our knowledge.”

“Is there any result of that sending?”

“There is no quick result. The youth got interested, but scientists did not. They did not treat this knowledge as true Islam. I will continue introducing our knowledge among young people. As for adults… they proved unpromising.

“Meat-based nutrition results in the dullness and inertia of minds! The consciousness loses its agility. Meat eating is an affliction of the contemporary Islam!

“It is extremely important to spread our knowledge among the youth! As the youth grow, one may try to clean up in these people the Eye of Allah! One has to connect a human soul with Allah, and this makes an Eye of Allah! Then Allah manifests Himself through such a soul — and a spiritual oasis forms around it.

“Love, kindled in hearts, has to direct minds to searching for the Creator!”

“Sulia, will You please tell us how do You experience Yourself?”

“Who am I, Sulia?…

“I experience only the Greatness of Allah, His Infinite Transparent Calm!

“And when He looks at the Creation — Divine Goldish Streams run from the Depths, Streams of various hues and soundings. One of them sounds with the name Sulia.

“Learn to experience yourselves thus in Mahadoubles. Learn to be blissful!

“I feel unceasing Bliss: Allah is inside Me and around Me… At any moment, I can make a step backward and dissolve in the Primordial Calm… Or to make a step forward — and again Sulia as a Goldish Wave brings the Love and Will of Allah to the Creation!

“… In order to attain this, one has to leave the ‘islet’ of the body and move to the Ocean of Allah to live there! When the body does not carry the burden of the ‘I’, Allah can live in it.

“One has to impregnate the body with the Bliss of the Creator’s Abode and then — to dissolve, to disappear! Allah enters from within — and one dissolves in Him…

“To accomplish this, one has to rid the consciousness of everything that is not love: only love is capable of dissolution!…

“… But… many night moths fly to the flame of a candle. Yet, one should not allow them to come too close: the fire can burn them!

“It is the same with the Fire of Allah! It is not for little souls! Only they can approach this Fire who already have this Fire burning in them!

“… Listen! I will whisper to you flaming words… And you, listening to Me, attune yourself to the rhythm of the Great Whole, to the Breathing of His Beingness… — so that the nectar of the Divine Love not be spilled and the phrases do not break up into separate words and momentary thoughts, so that the soul may become filled with sounding and meaning of the Truth, and your heart may unite with the Life of the Primordial, Whose name is Allah!

“The fire of passion cannot burn the soul kindled with love for Allah!

“The whirlpools of life cannot seize the soul moving to the Primordial Ocean!

“In the desert, the source of life will create an oasis which will emanate fragrance, will send forth life-giving currents of love, will bloom and give fruits!

“In the fire of the spiritual heart — a human soul becomes naked!

“In the purity of love — it appears before its Beloved!

“And for it there is nothing but the Beloved!

“It is always before Him!

“Its hands caress Him,

“And it does not take its eyes off Him.

“The only light for it is the Light of His Love!

“His Light makes the eyes of the soul shine!

“His words of Love flow through its mouth!

“The hearts unite — and there remains nothing but Him!

“He fills with unspeakable bliss those who have become One in Him!

“… The life of every one of you has to be full of Me!

“You have to fill your lives with Me — more and more fully!

“Where I appear — grief and destruction go away!

“As I am gradually superseding all remnants of everything worldly and perishable in your lives, they will be becoming one whole with My Life.


“O Great, O Eternal, O Infinite One! The waves of Your Love are so soft and tender!… Everything is permeated with Your Primordial Purity!

“There is no place where You are not! The Waves of Your Love are everywhere. They carry this world manifested by You as on the fingertips of Your countless Hands!

“I merge with You! Now, My Beloved, there is nothing but You!

“Feel yourselves not bodies but Love which flows and expands around! Give to everyone the Light of Allah!

“Rejoice at My Love! Conversing with Us constantly, become like Us — ethically pure and wise! Do not react to the disturbing factors of the surroundings!

“… I can suggest to you the following meditation:

I Am in Love with You!

My only One! I am in love with You!

I am in love with blossoming fields,

I am in love with shining of the sun,

I am in love with spring gardens!

My Beloved! Your cover is so beautiful!

Tender murmur of brooks!

Gentle calm of the forest!

Infinite sky above!

I am in love with You! You are everywhere!

I am in love with fragrant flowers,

With sunrise over glassy waters,

With translucent rivers and lakes!

O my Beloved! I see only You

In the smile of morning and in the languor of day,

In the coolness of evening and in the quietness of night —

I see only You, my Beloved!

Let me in and dissolve me!

Allow me to become a part of Your Love!

Allow me to know Your blissful Calm!

Allow me to become One with You forever!





On the spiritual Path, the energetical purity of the body is extremely important. One cannot exit into subtle eons from a body contaminated with coarse energies, which originate from one’s own coarse emotions, from a contaminating diet based on ‘killed’ food, from communication with energetically coarse people, from somatic diseases and traumas. Moreover, energetical coarseness present in the body can attract inhabitants of hell, and this may result in possessions leading to somatic problems, to psychic disorders of schizophrenia type, to epilepsy and feeblemindedness.

Therefore in one’s spiritual efforts, the methods of energetical purification of the body have to precede the work on refinement of the consciousness and on increasing its size. In the beginning, they are the methods for cleansing the chakras and the main meridians, washing the body and the cocoon with the help of certain psychophysical exercises and meditation Pranava, also accepting help from plants of power, moving the Kundalini energy through the body, etc. [6]. On the higher stages of spiritual ascent, one finishes this work with the help of the Divine Fire, which is created at first by Divine Teachers (Holy Spirits) and then by the spiritual practitioners themselves.

For many years we have been doing this work at working sites of our Teachers. Yet in our bodies there remained insignificant energetical inclusions different by their subtlety from the subtlety of the Primordial Consciousness.

… Once we worked, as many times before, in the forest inside a giant Mahadouble of Ngomo. That time we studied the mechanisms of how the Representatives of the Creator influence from Their Abode on material objects in the Creation.

Suddenly I noticed movement of energy among young pines growing nearby. I wanted to come there and see: what was it?

Upon entering this place, I found myself in a strong subtle energy field which made final purification of my body without any effort on my side!

At first I was bewildered: we had spent so much time and effort to progress slowly in this work, but here it happened by itself so quickly…

I called my companions:

“Come here. What do you feel at this place?”

They felt the same.

We stepped aside and began to think: was it done for us by Ngomo or was there someone else?

Then we saw a Mahadouble of a Divine Lady standing over this place.

“Was it You who helped us so miraculously? Will You tell us Your name?”

“Yes, it was Me helping you. You deserve it now. And My name is Sufy.”

“Tell us please about Yourself!”

“I grew in Sufi tradition. During many incarnations I was guided by Sufi Grand Master well-known to you.

“In one of My earthly incarnations, He made Me meet Danish Lady, that you know — and We learned together.

“Then I was embodied and worked in Kazakhstan together with Sulia.”

“Are there in Kazakhstan people capable of achieving spiritual heights?”

“We try to create there such a spiritual center. But this work progresses more slowly than We would like it to.

“The spiritual life in Kazakhstan suffered much from the Soviet regime: those who preserved the true spiritual traditions were killed…”

“Were the ideas of Sufism lost completely there or did they survive?”

“There is ‘Sufi whirling’ and other kinds of similar nonsense. But unfortunately there are no people who want to cognize Allah and do deserve it.

“Sufi means pure. Pure — before God and people! Pure in emotions, in desires, in relationships with others, in relationships with any living being! This is what purity before Allah means. And there must be also ever growing love-aspiration to Him: to cognition of Him, to Mergence with Him in the Embrace of Love!

“I cognized this truth. And I brought many souls to the Creator. I continue to provide My help now from the non-incarnate state. I have helped you too! I helped you in the past by suggesting correct decisions in various situations. And every one of you made his or her own choice.

“I will continue helping you! And Every One of Us will! You work not for yourselves! You serve the Evolution, serve God! It is for such people that Allah opens the gate to Him!

“Please tell My message to people:

“Only the one who has purified oneself can help others become purified!

“Once in the past I had purified Myself completely. And therefore I received the necessary knowledge and an opportunity to help others, as I have helped you.”

“Were there such methods of work in the tradition of the School where You learned?”

“Yes, I was taught this. And now I teach it to others from My non-incarnate state. I help deserving people who are at the final stages of the Path to purify themselves.

“I also want to tell you the following:

“Yes, this place is very auspicious for doing purification of the body.

“But purification of the soul, as you know, is done in a completely different way. And one has to do it while living in the body: it cannot be done after the death of the body. And every uncorrected feature of the soul forms negative tendencies in one’s destiny for the next incarnation.

“Here, at this working site, I help you see all non-transparent lumps of energy in your bodies and cocoons and remove them. Here, together with Me, you can create small whirls that capture and move these gray inclusions of energy away from your bodies. Like specks of dust they are sucked into these whirls and casted away. Only the purest transparency remains!

“Such a work is suggested in Sufism only to those students who already possess a large successful experience of purification of both the body and the soul.

“In Sufism they say that a Sufi must not ‘cast shadows’. Of course, it has nothing to do with shadows from the material body. They are shadows ‘cast’ on one’s destiny by non-good states of the soul, even very short ones.

“To destroy in oneself the last remains of such ‘non-transparent’ thoughts and emotions is a task of those who approach the threshold where one has to fill the body with the constant presence of Allah.

“The methods of psychical self-regulation developed in your School allow achieving this goal, provided one has constant self-control!

“The one who has become absolutely pure gains the right to become an Eye of Allah, that Sulia told you about. When the body and the cocoon become similar to a transparent lens, then one gains the ability to manifest through them the Will of the Creator in the material world.”

* * *

“Sufism is a religion of pure ones. Sufi — in translation — means a pure person. In such a person, an absolute purity should be in everything! Each follower of tariqa should necessarily discover and study in himself or herself different directions, branches of himself or herself, so to speak, and maintain purity inside each one of them! This implies a pure style of nutrition, where one should follow the precept: ethically pure people should not use for food those bodies in which we find blood; this concerns all animals. The energies of the body and of the chakras must also be pure. Apart from this, one should maintain the purity of thoughts and emotions.

For those who live in emotions of irritation, condemnation, hatred and malevolence, there is no place on the Path of Purity or the Pure Path. This truth should be reminded all the time to those who have a claim on the title of devoted disciples of God.

* * *

Everyone should never forget the beauty of the morning and the harmony with plants, birds, and Us! Becoming embittered in the conditions of urban life, a person loses Me and all of Us easily! However, the life in the midst of nature embitters as well if one does not do what one should, forgetting about the meaning of one’s life.

Every one of you can start every morning, feeling Me, all of Us, in the rays of the sun, ascending over the forest, sea or steppe! Then each day will pass successfully!


Hadji Bei Murat


Over a hill overgrown with low “fluffy” pines with long needles, there stands a Mahadouble of Hajji Bei Murat. His appearance is of a young man of about twenty years old, shining with bright, clear, pure youth.

“It seems that Your last incarnation ended when You were that young. How did You end that incarnation?”

“I ‘soared’ into Heaven!”

“Did You dematerialize Your body?”


Lada joined the conversation:

“The ‘ascension’ was as follows: the body soared up and dissolved.

“His ashram was on this place. Sufi teachers would gather here from the neighborhood. And then they would initiate mureeds into the mysteries of the ‘golden flower’.”

Hajji Bei Murat pointed at other non-incarnate Great Souls and continued:

“Look at Our Children! They are Sufi sheiks’ disciples who gathered here and listened to the preachings. Non-incarnate Lada was also always present among them. Some of those present here have not achieved the Mergence, but the majority merged with Allah.”

“Tell us please about Yourself, about Your Path to Allah!”

“The boy Murat was born very joyful and happy. He was born as the one who could feel the presence of Allah. He came to the Earth knowing that God is in everything, that He is Loving and Omnipresent, Caressing and Omnipotent!

“The true Islam helps one to understand this. And any true spiritual knowledge also brings one to the understanding that Truth is God!

“I began that earthly life of Mine with experiencing this Truth. And I ended it — with Mergence!

“I lived in the bliss of feeling the constant Presence of Allah! I was happy to see the smooth flow of His river, branches swaying from the breathing of His wind, splash of waves of His sea… I drank His Blissful Nectar and partook of His Blissful Gifts!

“Everything that the river of destiny brings to a Sufi is Sufi’s talk with God, Sufi’s learning from God! The Sufi gladly accepts everything sent by God!

“A Sufi’s life is communication with Allah through everything that the Sufi receives from the Beloved. The Sufi receives everything as a gift! It is Sufi’s learning; it is Sufi’s bliss! It is Sufi’s song of thanksgiving, Sufi’s reply with love to the love of the Creator!

“Everything that comes out from the Sufi’s mouth is a hymn to the Eternity and Beauty of Allah! It is the fragrant nectar of love, which either accepts the form of words or music, or becomes silent lines and forms and leave guiding lights to those who walk the Path of Allah. And those walking can touch these lights and start burning with more intensive love, gaining the power and confidence needed to overcome the difficulties of the Path.”

“How did You learn, who was Your Teacher?”

“Only Allah! I came to the last earthly life being open to perceiving His Love and Power directly! I did not need intermediates, which instruct people on religious dogmas and rituals. The Lord of everything was with Me: I saw His Presence in the manifest and in the non-manifest, in people that I met on the Path, in everything that His generous Hand gave Me! I did not divide these gifts into good and bad ones, because Allah does not give gifts which one should not receive!

“I thanked Him for every such gift! Every meeting, every turn of My life, every day and every minute, every drink of water and every breath of air was His Gift! I thanked — and this conversation of Ours was beautiful! What can spoil your life with the Creator but your ingratitude for His Gifts?

“Every minute of your life is a message of God to you and your response to God. You can read every moment as you read the Quran! Because everything is the Book of Beingness, and He teaches you how to read it. When you have learned to read it, you will experience only the Bliss of His Love! And when you talk then — it will be your song of thanksgiving to the Creator!

“Songs of birds, fruits you partake of, and every person you meet is a gift of Allah to you! This is an invaluable experience of the soul! This is your talk with the Creator!

“It is in this way that I lived: I looked and listened to Life! And I got filled with the Bliss of His Presence — independent of whether sweet or bitter was the fruit I partook of.

“As a result I learned to hear the rhythm and melody of Allah and to talk to other souls in Allah’s language. Allah gave Me this mastery, and it allowed Me to begin teaching people whom He brought to Me…”

“How did You teach? It must have been difficult, because we know that it is not an easy task to teach a person to feel God!”

“Yes, for this purpose, it is necessary first to wash the vessel — a human body where the soul dwells — with the Light of Love, and then everything becomes easy!”

… He shows a human body whose middle meridian resembles a transparent pitcher without bottom that has to be washed inside. He also shows streams of Living Light that flow freely through this form and wash it. As a result, it begins to shine with light…

“This is how I taught. Yet the main things are love and gratitude to the Creator — they compose the soul’s song! I taught how to accept God in one’s life. I helped My disciples to feel His Presence in every moment of their lives. And then — Allah began to play the instruments of souls, while I just tuned the sounding of these instruments.”

“How did You dematerialize Your body? Did You learn this ability?”

“I wanted to achieve the Fullness of Unity — and Allah responded to this desire…

“Allah knows each one of your thoughts, each one of your desires! And He fills them with Power only if His desire is one with yours. This results from Unity. If you are suffused with Allah’s Will, then everything you want or think becomes filled with His Power for realization. And your desires become fulfilled! And when there remains only the last desire for the Great Reunification — then let it be! In this way I left the body!

“Those who pray do not know the Love of Allah. But those knowing the Love of Allah praise Him!

“And nothing can spoil the Bliss of those who know Allah! Even a jail does not bind them, even those exerting violence do not constrain them!

“The earthly life of such a person is a dialog with Allah. And when the time of earthly life comes to an end, he or she makes the final step and comes to the Whole. When the earthly song of love for Allah is completed — he or she plays the final cord — and the music of the soul merges forever into the melody of Allah’s Beingness and helps then other seekers to tune the strings of their hearts and to create new songs of praise to Allah!”


Divine Imam


In a high and thick fir forest, there is an oblong low dell overgrown with young birches. There reside bright, consisting of Divine Goldish Fire, Mahadoubles of Eaglestform and Babaji. And there is also He Whom we formerly called simply the Divine Sufi. On this place, He gave us and our students the first states of Samadhi. Near Him stands His Divine Disciple Karas.

This time we came to the Divine Sufi with the purpose of making a closer acquaintance. We ask Him to relate about Himself.

He does not reply immediately, but suggests to attune to Him once more and again gives us a most intense feeling of Divine Bliss… Only then He replies:

“Allah is one! There is no God but Allah! We All — in Him — are One!

“This is clear enough for you, but many other people delay themselves by not gaining this understanding.”

“How should we call You?”

“The only name is the name of Allah!”

“Tell us please how You developed to the state of Allah.”

“I do not remember it, do not know it, and do not want to know it! I came to know the Oneness with Allah — and dropped the rest from My memory. It was not of value for Me any longer.”

“Tell us, at least, where were You embodied the last time?”

“In Persia, in the land of modern Iran, at the time of the last padishah. I served in a mosque as an imam. At that time, around that mosque an oasis bloomed: people came there to touch Me…

“But I did not develop Myself at that time: I had another status already — the status of Allah. And I represented the Creator for people.”

“What recommendations can You give us?”

“Everything will go on according to the Will of Allah; there is no need to peep too far in the future. Proceed with your current affairs. Insh’Allah! — Let it be as Allah wills!”

“What would You say about our present level?”

“You have mastered the ‘platform’. Now you have to master being Allah.”

“But to what extent is it possible for a person in the embodied state?”

“It is not only possible, but is necessary for all of you.”


“You know how. There is no need to invent something else. You will succeed! You just need to substitute your will with the Will of Allah!”

“What could You say to beginners?”

“I would like to tell them about Sufism.

“Many understand Sufism as one of numerous religious doctrines with its own set of rules, dogmas, directions. Yet, Sufism is not a ‘dead’ set of rules. Sufism is life, a way of life based on love. Therefore, any person regardless of the confession — a Christian or a Buddhist — can be called Sufi if his or her heart, full of love, longs for Me and wants to embrace with love the entire world.*

“To be a Sufi means to live by the Beauty — the Beauty of God! Wherever the heart of a Sufi turns — there it should see the Beauty of the Beloved invisible to the ordinary eye. The whole world is pervaded with His Beauty, which is perceivable only to the eyes of a loving heart!

“Now, who can become a Sufi? Is it possible only for people living in the East? And who is a Sufi, anyway? Is it the one who just proclaimed oneself so? Or the one who was attached to a certain tradition and wears special clothes?

“One can become a Sufi independent of which corner of the Earth he or she was born or lives now. A true Sufi is the one who does not take the eyes of the loving heart off the Beauty of the Beloved, the one who lives by this Beauty!

“Tell us please about Yourself.”

“My Path is the path of dissolution of ‘oneself’ in Allah! I am the Great Silence of Allah filled with sounding of strings of the Souls Who merged into Allah.”

“Why are You on this place — which is visited almost by no one of the incarnate people?”

“You visit it… Besides… it is so blissful to permeate the Earth with the Light of Allah!

“Blend with Me completely! And let the Flow of Allah stream through your body!

“… Samadhi is the state when Allah enters your spiritual heart inside your body. Nirvana is when you can submerge into the Heart of the Absolute and dissolve in It. And then only Allah remains. Discover the connectedness of these states. And rise from the Depths to the body filling it with the Light of Allah! Let it be only the Light of Allah everywhere, even inside your body!

“I have been teaching this always: when I was embodied and now when I have no body. I taught this to you and to many others…”

“Were You capable of dematerializing and materializing Your material body?”

“What is the need of it? In the last incarnation, I did not perceive Myself as a body at all! I had entered the body with the purpose of bringing to people the knowledge about the One. His Omnipotence manifested through My body whenever it was necessary.

“But I never worked miracles for attracting attention. I worked in a different way. I filled the hearts with the Light of Allah, giving to people a possibility to experience His Love. I taught naught but Love. It was My Mission — to make it possible for seekers to touch Him!

“There is a border where your meditation ceases. There you cease to be as an individuality. Beyond this border, there is only Love, Which is Allah!

“I dissolve in Myself those who come to Me with love in the heart! And the Light of Allah fills them!

“The heart which has nothing but love for Allah allows Me to enter it.

“I bring Myself closer to them if they are little.

“I submerge them into Myself if they are large. I submerge them into Allah to that depth which they have grown up to.

“But always it is the same thing that happens — dissolution in the Light of Allah!”




“The last time I was born was in the land of former Assyria. As an adolescent, I served in a temple where they worshipped the Sun as the progenitor of everything. Every morning we would perform a divine service at the time when the Sun rose above the horizon.

“During these services, I assisted the priest who performed them. Yet, I did not accept sincerely this faith, nor did I try to comprehend its postulates with the mind. For Me, this faith with its rituals was a part of the daily traditions of the society where I lived.

“… But one day, something new came to the habitual daily routine of My life — it was a stranger who came to our land. He sought manuscripts containing religious — namely esoteric — knowledge. It was for the purpose of collecting such manuscripts that he traveled.

“He was received with respect. During the repast, he had a conversation with the priests. He asked questions about our faith and told about his views and about the religion practiced in the land where he came from.

“As a servant, I had an opportunity to be near the table and hear their conversation. His narration captivated Me. Unlike our priests, He was not a dogmatic person who blindly accepted the faith of the ancestors. He did not avoid confronting different views, doubting postulates, drawing his own conclusions. There was something living in his faith and in this man himself — in contrast to the priests.

“This conversation made Me sincerely interested in the knowledge and practices of the tradition described by this man. I wanted very much to follow him — to gain this knowledge. And I beseeched him to take Me as a servant with himself.

“This way I came to Sufis…

“… The main thing that happened to Me on the first stage of My apprenticeship with Sufis was opening of the spiritual heart. I began to live by the heart — and the entire world transformed for Me! My life became full of love, which I did not know before!

“For opening the spiritual heart, Sufis used a method similar to the one used by Christians-Hesychasts at that time. Abandoning all other thoughts, one had to repeat — with love for Allah — a prayer-appeal to Him to come to one’s spiritual heart. And after some time, the feeling of increasing bliss appeared in the chest, in the anahata chakra, as a sign that Allah accepted the prayer.

“After cognizing and mastering this state, the mureed* could live in it and not just experience it during a prayer.

“Then the mureed was taught that since Allah is great — one’s love for Him must also be great.

“And if one’s love for Allah grows, from a certain moment it cannot be contained in one’s chest. And thus, quite naturally it begins to pour out, to expand beyond the chest.

“Pushing the walls of anahata from within with the hands of the consciousness was one of the helpful methods in this work. It allowed one to experience oneself, for the first time, as a heart-love of size larger than the body.

“The mureed was taught to expand with love as wide as possible: Allah is present everywhere, thus one should love Him in the entire space around!

“Expanding thus with love and living in this state, the mureed gradually lost the habit of perceiving oneself as a body.

“The mureed lived by love for Allah, and the feeling of Allah’s abiding in everything gradually replaced the feeling of the mureed’s separate ‘I’.

“And when the separate ‘I’ disappeared completely, only Allah remained.

“… But we learned not just meditation. In Sufism there is a rule: in the process of learning, mureeds have to develop themselves along many directions, one of which is to master the craft of their sheikh. As an apprentice of My Master, I started to learn the art of carpet weaving.

“The carpets created by My Master were highly valued by the townspeople. They believed that a carpet bought in our shop brought to the house happiness and joy. Indeed, these carpets had such a magical power, because My Master created them as yantras.

“At first, I, as other apprentices, learned the carpet weaving technique itself. After that, we began to practice by reproducing the patterns created by our Master.

“I liked to stay for long in the shop and observe how He worked. For Him, carpet weaving was not just a craft: He did not weave, He created carpets! I saw how masterly He chose the color of thread out of a great variety of hues of goldish, red, light-blue… Each carpet created by Him was… a declaration of love for the Creator! It looked as if He wove love…

“I tried to imitate His work and stayed for a long time in the shop.

“… Once I noticed that the Master stood behind Me and watched how I worked. I got confused…

‘You are trying to construct love with your mind… But it lives in the heart! Kindle in your heart love for Allah — then your hands will tirelessly create beauty for the glory of Allah!’

“I heeded the Master’s advice, and love appeared on My carpets. Yet, My works were not that good as those of the Master. I asked His advice, and He replied:

‘Your carpets are good. But the true Beauty lives deeper. In the depth of the expanded spiritual heart will you find the endless Source of the Beauty! There live the vivid colors of joy! Threads originating in the depth of a developed spiritual heart shimmer with all hues of love! Pictures, which you can find there, will bloom as living flowers and sing as spring birds on your carpet! If you do so, then Allah Himself will create Beauty through your hands for the glory of Himself!’

“Since that moment, My learning of carpet weaving went along with mastering of meditation. Every time creating a carpet, I had to connect the hands of the consciousness with the depth which was achievable for Me — and create from that depth. And then, this depth’s Light, with which the consciousness was connected, refracted into the beauty created by the hands.

“Of course, not every apprentice became a Master. Most of them were capable of mastering only the craft of carpet weaving. The process of teaching was arranged so that not everyone could find out where the true mastery lies, what its secret is. But those who managed to solve the secret ascended to the next step, where the craft of carpet weaving turns into the art of carpet creation…”

“Excuse me, please, Karas: Your description of the methods of cognition of Allah does not seem sufficient, in my opinion. Going the path outlined by You, mureeds most likely did not find the Abode of the Creator, but crystallized the consciousnesses in that eon of the multidimensional space which was most convenient for them, most habitual for abiding in. For cognition of the Creator, one needs the methods of refinement of the consciousness and, at least, to have general ideas about the multidimensional structure of space and methods of crossing the borders between the eons. This is necessary because the Creator is the Most Subtle of all consciousnesses!…”

“Yes, you are right. I wanted to tell about this a bit later.

“Yes, refinement of the consciousness cannot be done against the background of ‘killing’* nutrition.

“You are also absolutely right that the control of one’s own emotional states — with complete refusal of coarse emotional manifestations! — is an essential part of any spiritual progress.

“The beauty of the Creation, of our common home created by Allah, was important as well! And the attunement with this beauty, which reflects the beauty of the Creator, was practiced too.

“The students who could not encompass this were excluded from intensive learning; they were switched to another work. If they wished, they were allowed to stay at the School and perform various household duties. In Sufism this is called a station. It can last for years. Then these students were involved again into the esoteric practices if they desired it and if it was in accordance with the Will of Allah…

“But I have not told yet about the main thing.

“My Master was a real sheikh knowing the art of educating… But there was another great moment in My life: when My Master counted Me ready, He took Me to Divine Imam…

“You developed in a different way… There was not incarnate Allah with you… You had to carve the way yourselves… Our intent in this case was to make it possible that you accumulated a comprehensive collection of spiritual knowledge…

“But it can be in another way… — when the spiritual Path is clearly shown by, as Messiah Isa* said once, a Vine — by an embodied Representative of Allah, an embodied Part of the Creator.

“…I also want to tell you about My Great Teacher — about Divine Imam.

“It was a miraculous gift of Allah: to see Him incarnated in a body!

“Love for Him Who became One with Allah has neither borders nor limits!

“I witnessed a Manifestation of Allah on the Earth! I saw a Son of the One; He wore flesh, but was not this flesh!

“I knew then that the Beloved Lord can be attained, that one can dissolve in the Almighty! I saw this manifested through the Teacher.

“It was enough for Him to touch a heart aspiring to Allah, — and it flamed up, like oil in a lamp, with fire radiating the Light of Love!

“He taught: a heart filled with Love is fathomless. And invited to submerge into His own Fathomlessness…”




“Kayr! How did You merge with the Father?”

“I died… I died of plague… Everything ended — and there remained only He… He alone — One and Boundless — remained, and there was nothing but He…

“Everything I did before, striving to the Mergence, — all meditations, all other efforts, pain of the body — everything was over, He alone remained…

“And now, when He looks at the Earth — Kayr appears on it.”

“Could You tell us a bit more?”

“In the past I was embodied in Middle Asia and grew in the traditions of Sufism. It was then that I touched for the first time the Primordial Consciousness. The name Kayr is from this incarnation…

“Do you remember, I described how I meditated when the sun was rising in the desert?…

“Do you know who is a dervish? A true dervish is not a poor Sufi monk who goes begging… No: a dervish is a wayfarer, the one who goes and seeks… A dervish is the one who goes on the Great Path towards cognition of the Creator!

“My sheikh was not Divine, he was like a person who rests calmly after traversing a part of the Path. He did not aspire to God with all his heart, but lived in calm and harmony. I am grateful to him: it was he who taught Me correct meditation, correct methods of working with the consciousness.

“One of My first strong impressions in learning was from Sufi whirling. This method helped Me to experience for the first time that I was not a body but a consciousness: living self-aware light.”

… Kayr shows His appearance in that incarnation: a face with dark eyes of elongated form, a white turban contrasting with swarthy skin, a regular oval of the face… Then He slowly begins to whirl — and His light clothes fly up and turn in this movement into gentle waves like those on the surface of the sea…

He continues to whirl, and His clothes become similar to a transparent veil that extends to the horizon... Under this veil, a sea of Light sways softly…

Then the whirling ceased — yet the Light… remained…

Kayr shows the movement of the arms that helped Him to submerge into this sea of Light under this veil. There was only Light under it…

Then He continues the narration:

“There was also the desert… It is an expanse where — up to the horizon — there is only sand and the boundless sky above it. There was no one there — only Eternal Almighty God and a small grain called Kayr in the midst of the desert… We were always two together… One-to-one… And — no one else, wherever you look…

“There God taught Me to watch the sunrise…

“Have you ever watched the sunrise in the desert? It is quite different from the one in your land…

“… The dark sky, full of stars, lies on the surface of the planet… My body sits on the sandy bottom of this ocean of stars… The eternity and infinity of the universe embraces Me from all sides…

“Then gradually dawn begins… The sky becomes brighter, changes its color… The giant disc of the sun appears over the horizon… Rising of the sun! The ocean of the starry sky turns into an ocean of light above the earth…

“It is in this way that I watched the sunrise of every day of My life…

“But once I suddenly ‘sank’ into more subtle Light, which lied deeper. With gentle strokes of My now giant arms, I could submerge deeper and deeper…

“It was a wonder! — this Light did not disappear after sunset!

“Since that time, sitting in the desert and waiting for sunrise, I could already be in that Light.

“And when the light of the risen sun filled the entire expanse — immeasurable joy of experiencing the presence of God in everything filled Me! My body could walk towards the sun — while I was below and deeper, dwelling in the Light of God, supporting tenderly with My palms the sea of light above the surface of the Earth!

“I learned to stay in the Depth always. There, as if in ‘the heart of the Earth’, was a passage to the Creator of everything, into the Heart of the Absolute!

“It is in this way that I acquainted Myself with the Consciousness of the Creator, but I had not become One with Him…

“… Before My apprenticeship with the sheikh, a young woman touched My heart…

“Now I see how foolish was My understanding of asceticism… I could have taken her with Me into the Path!… But at that time… At that time, I began to seek solitude in the desert in order to forget her…

“This longing for earthly love, an earthly love that had not been experienced, brought Me to a new incarnation.

“… It took place here, in this land where you live. Here I met My earthly love, got married, had a child…

“… However, in dreams, I often saw sunrise in the desert… And again I began to seek the Path, became a wayfarer walking this Path… I grew here, on these places of power, which are known to you too. I was helped to recall that which I knew in the past… — and I cognized Mergence with Him deeper and deeper, learned to be One with Him, completely One, learned to love all lives, learned to love people… Then I moved to Middle Asia… And what happened then — I told you already…”.

… Kayr was smiling from His appearance familiar to us. The day was dawning in our northern land. Tender joy of Kayr was mingling with singing of skylarks and rising of the sun! The Ocean of the Creator was looking from Its Depths through Kayr’s eyes, and His Hands were supporting all the living on the Earth’s surface…

Kayr continued:

“I feel tremendous joy now, always being with you! On the experience of our common work, I master new methods of helping souls in our common School! I continue to learn thanks to you!

“It is in the interests of God that branches of the School be created throughout the planet!”.

“Tell us, Kayr, why do Mahadoubles of the Divine Teachers very often stand in the midst of busy streets, squares, in parks, on lakes — on the places visited by a large number of people who do not aspire to God at all?”

“The answer is simple: We are ‘Fishers of men’, as Jesus once put it! We act like radars — detectors of good emotions in people — even the slightest ones. And We seek to support these tendencies in every person. We also are Realizators of people’s destinies…

“An embodied person is a separate autonomous system. Usually there is no entrance from the outside, the doors can be opened only from the inside. What opens these doors? Emotions. Good emotions, especially those which accompany altruistic deeds and make the soul opened to the Light. It is this openness that allows the Light to flow inside the soul.”

“Why is it so difficult? God is omnipotent. Why can He not enter in some other way?…”

“Of course, God is omnipotent, and every soul is on His Palm. Yet, the freedom of will which He granted to people does not allow Him to intervene uninvited in that autonomous system called a human.

“The task of the Holy Spirit (or the Holy Spirits, to be more precise) consists exactly in this — in detecting every new opportunity for contacting souls of people for the sake of correcting their advancement, missing no chance.

“… I would like to talk also about intent.

“The intent to cognize the Creator, to merge into Him, and to help other people in this — this must be an absolute dominant in the life of the spiritual warrior, and this intent must not contain anything worldly. Only then will it be able to accomplish miracles, by passing freely through all the earthly difficulties, and achieve the goal. Only such an intent has the true power to create.

“The true intent of the developed consciousness of the spiritual warrior is beyond the sphere of people’s notions about ‘possible’ and ‘impossible’. Therefore, it equally easily accomplishes both the ‘possible’ and the ‘impossible’.

“One has to subjugate completely the mind, body, and consciousness to the intent of uniting with Me. One has to aim for the complete Mergence, in which there is nothing left of that which the former separate self considered its own.*

“In that case I, too, give Myself fully to such a warrior.

“In the entire universe, it is only love that can bring one to the true unlimited Divine Freedom.

“I love you and want to give you this Freedom.

“I am ready to give Myself to everyone who sincerely desires it. Such is My essence — I want nothing but to give Myself through love — to give Myself to you and to everyone worthy!

“Entrust yourselves to Me completely! The best solution to all earthly troubles is in Me!

“The first thing to recall in the situations of earthly troubles is My Universal Calm! To be in calm means that you do not allow yourself to become involved recklessly, with the whole consciousness in some earthly situation where passions boil.

“From the state of My Universal Calm look at your troubles and see how petty and insignificant they are!

“Never engage in the battle by the lower self, never cease the awareness of being united with Me! Whatever happens in the course of the battle — I lose nothing! The lower self can suffer defeat, but the Higher Self — can never!

“… How many lives can one live through, approaching the Threshold, cognizing the state of Mergence, yet failing to attain the Unity…?!

“How many times does one have to be incarnated again, having not traversed the final step of the Path, and begin this difficult travel as if from scratch (in every new incarnation one has no memory of the past achievements of the soul!)?!

“How many times has one to begin it anew until the soul has no desires but the yearning for becoming One with Allah…?!

“We went through many lives — in order to come Here.

“We lived through many destinies — in order to come Here.

“We grew up many times in order to learn to be conscious of oneself as of the Higher Self.

“We did this many times in order to come finally to the understanding that He alone exists and His Beingness has no end.

“And Every One Who gave Himself or Herself to Him completely — remained in Him in order to merge into His Beingness and be Him.”


Al Bewl


“I smile — and the Light of My Sun illuminates the entire Earth!

“Persia was always a source of confidential spiritual knowledge on the Earth. Pythagoras studied there, Jesus also travelled to Persia…

“What concerns My past, My story began a long time ago. I grew in the Sufi spiritual tradition — incarnation after incarnation. I will tell about it in more details later. This story will tell about My personal search for our Creator, about My trials and mistakes, about love, tenderness, and, of course, about Him — about Beloved Allah!

“Heed to His words! They are so beautiful!”

“What about Your recent incarnation in Iran?”

“I came to it as an almost Divine Soul. There is nothing special to tell about it. I recalled quickly what was mastered by Me in the previous incarnations — and I merged with Him! It was not difficult!

“I can only add that the outer conditions were not favorable that time. Yet, this even helped Me in certain sense…

“Find Me in the Depths under everything!

“I will embrace you with the Tenderness of Allah and will give Him — as a boundless Ocean — to you!”


Solar Wind


“What is Your name?”

“Solar Wind.”

“Were You embodied in Russia?”

“No. I lived in Middle Asia long ago. I traveled with trade caravans between Buhara and Samarkand. I lived a free life and preached Islam.”

“What practices did You use?”

“Love for Allah!”

“What can You advise us?”

“Feel Me: My Arms are made of the Subtlest One! Let your Arms, too, be like this! And with these Arms you should act from Me!

“The first thing every mureed has to do is to cast off the ‘dense garment’ of ego: thus one gains a little of Freedom!

“Then follow the refinement of the consciousness and cognition of Me.

“And this continues until the end, until the Freedom of being Me becomes full and absolute!

“You have all the methods needed to realize this — you have much more than the required minimum! By combining these methods and places of power, by choosing the right time, by alternating work and rest, effort and relaxation — you can work for Allah! I will take care about the rest: you are My children!

“To live as a consciousness free from the body while the body is still alive is not a myth, it is possible! Your confidence in this must be unshakable! You have to remove all the limitations produced by the manas. Work patiently on moving the self-awareness to your own Divine Mahadouble which is connected with the entire Primordial Consciousness.”.




Over a high steep bank of the sea, we found a Mahadouble of an unusual form.

“Who are You? What is Your name?”

“The Lord of the universe!”

“But what was Your name in the last incarnation?”

“Enter into Me! Then you will know it!”

We enter His Mahadouble.


“Who was Your Teacher?”

“Sufi Grand Master.”

Titan shows that He came to these lands from Arabia. And He brought here the knowledge received from Sufi Grand Master. It was the first school of Sufi knowledge founded in this land. Near to this place, by the way, there was a Sufi library. Titan was not related to the School of Pythagoras.

“What methods did You use?”

“Sufi whirling: the cone of the consciousness expanding to the Abode of the Creator. But prior to this, one had to develop anahata. It is the growth of anahata that I direct into the Depths of Mine.”

“Why do You have such an unusual form of the Mahadouble?”

“It is the form of a tower, a tower — for going down to the Depths! One has to go backward-depthward inside My Mahadouble, pushing the hands against the Mahadouble’s walls. In this way, step by step, one can go deeper and deeper in order to drown forever in the Ocean of Bliss, in the Depths of Me!”

“Can Your methods be useful for us?”

“No. You should not use them! Your present methods are much better than those used by Me.”

“Can we bring other people to this place for training?”

“Of course, you can! But not with the purpose of cognizing Me, My Deepest Essence. With the help of the methods which I had, I managed to bring Inside almost no one. Only I Myself achieved success… and ‘one and a half students traversed a half of the Path’…

“Now I know that the one who suggests only one method should not be trusted by everyone!…”