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“Babaji’s Formula” and “Allahu Akbar!”





Translated from Russian into English
by Dr.Vladimir Antonov



One of the most significant in the history of mankind Divine Teachers — Avatar Babaji — has formulated five methodological steps of perfecting for the spiritual seekers [7]:

Truth — Simplicity — Love — Serving God by serving humanity (Karma Yoga) — Abandonment of the lower “I” for the sake of merging with the Supreme Divine “I”.

Here, by the word Truth is meant mastering a right understanding of what are God, human being, and from what practices and in what their sequence is to be formed the spiritual Path. In other words, it can be stated as: “What is the meaning of our lives, and how it can be realized?”.

The step Simplicity consists in:

a) the destruction in oneself such properties as arrogance, contempt for anyone, pride and vanity (the latter is a vain, unfounded glorification of oneself — in one’s own mind and emotions, and in the social relations),

b) the refusal of those unnecessary and disturbing to one’s own development and harmony of relationships with other people — patterns of thinking and behavior that are collectively named as “human form” [13] (but it should not violate the principles of esthetics and should not harm to other people — with a “provocative” behavior).

Love — this option contains the main part of the ethic work on oneself.

We must not only put in good order our behavior in relationships with other beings — so as not to cause, if possible, no any harm to them. But the main thing — it is restructuring the emotional sphere. We must firmly rid ourselves of all rough and self-centered emotional states — until the impossibility of their occurrence, even in the most adverse situations. On the contrary, we should develop a range of subtle and delicate unselfish emotions of gifting, called by the word love.

Jesus Christ and Sathya Sai Baba talked much about this. God teaches the same and now [7-8].

To fulfill it the most successfully — it is possible due to mastering the art of psychical self-regulation [8].

“God is Love” — Jesus taught (1 John 4:7-8). This also was repeated many times by the Avatar of our time Sathya Sai Baba [1,7]. This means that we must strive to come closer to God and to cognise Him, first of all, by means of transmute ourselves into the delicate and refined selfless Love.

This may be achieved through the “opening” the spiritual heart and the subsequent development of ourselves primarily as this structure of the individual consciousness [2,6-9,11-20]. Other opportunities for real closing in with God by the quality of consciousness (soul) — do not exist. We must understand, that God — in the Aspects of the Primordial Consciousness (the Creator) and the Holy Spirit — is the subtlest Consciousness throughout the Absolute [7-8,11-12]!

Those beings, who accustomed themselves to coarse states of consciousness, are the inhabitants of hell — “rubbish heap of the Evolution”.

As a result of the work with the spiritual heart, in particular, any manifestations of egocentrism — such as jealousy, desire to have something else’s, lack of a sincere desire to help others — should disappear.

The meaning of these efforts consists in replacing the inherent originally from childhood for everyone the egocentricity — to the Godcentrism [1-3,6-9,11-12].

Having executed the above (including all details contained in mentioned books) — is enough for God to become cognized (still only partially) Reality.

In some organizations, which call themselves religious, the view dominates that God is uncognizable. Though even the Latin word religion implies the cognition of God and Mergence with Him!

God is really cognizable, but only for those who actually carry out His Teachings!

Serving God — this is a help incarnate people in their evolutionary progress — with those higher abilities that anyone has. The most significant form of such Service is the messaging to the people the knowledge about God and the Path of spiritual self-realization.

An important criterion for valuation of the true service is the acting not for personal advantage, but for the sake of God, for the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness. And such true serving often becomes sacrifice — as that was demonstrated by the earthy lives of Jesus, Sathya Sai Baba, and many other Divine Teachers — the Representatives of the Primordial Consciousness [7].

It should also be borne in mind that, as God has repeatedly stated [7], He does not give man more wealth than that man gives Him — by means of his or her service to Him, participating in the Evolution of the Universal Consciousness.

Successfully developing people consistently develop indicated stages of development. And then it becomes possible to proceed to the final stage — the Mergence with the Supreme “I” (Supreme “Self”).

What is It? It is the United “We” of all the Perfects, included in the Abode of the Primordial Consciousness during the infinite time of Its existence. Those Perfects are talking about this [7-8,11-12 and others]. The same is evidenced by the Quran, where the story from One God (Allah) is using pronouns I and We. This truth may be cognized and now empirically — by those Worthy Who have dedicated their lives to the cognition of the Supreme, and have reached the Abode of the United “We”.

That Abode is the original subtlest layer of the multidimensional space.

The Divine United “We” exists in three major Manifestations. Let us consider Them in the sequence, corresponding to the order of cognition Them by the spiritual seekers:

1. Usual state of the Holy Spirits working in the Creation.

Spiritual seeker who has developed oneself to a state of great spiritual heart and conquered the egocentrism in oneself [8], acquires the ability to flow into the United “We” of the Holy Spirits.

2. Divine Fire — the state of increased activity of the Holy Spirits. (This is that “the Fire from within” about which Juan Matus told Carlos Castaneda). This is the next fundamental level of cognition of God. We must learn to flow into this Fire, to become It.

The Divine Fire can be cognized, including [7-9,11]:

— in the form of “Suns of God”,

— in the core of our planet,

— and in the Ocean of the Divine Fire, That is cognizable more deeply (in the sense of multi-dimensional space) than the Earth’s core.

To all states of the United “We” the term Paramatman may be applied. Paramatman is the Highest Combined Atman (as opposed to individual Light Atmic Appiarences, such as Kundalini, personal Mahadouble, and others [7-9]).

3. Turiya — not having a bright luminosity state of Transparent Calm of the Primordial Consciousness in Its Abode.

* * *

Man, properly developing on the spiritual Path, comes to realize the Exceeding Greatness of God — in comparison with the human individual “I”, no matter how it is already developed and large.

There is a Jewish tradition, taken over by Muslims, and partly by those who consider themselves Christians — to wear head-dresses as a sign of humility in front of God.

Of course, obedience to God — it would be better to be expressed otherwise!

But the idea of submission and humility before God, a sense of my own insignificance in comparison with Him Universal — this is a very correct line of thought.

In Islam, there is a formula: “Allahu Akbar!” What does this mean?

Allah — is the phonation in Arabic of the word God. Akbar — means Great. “Allahu Akbar” — “God is Great!”. This is — one of the greatest in significance of the formulas! Because it encourages rational people — to the researching God's Greatness! It is a formula for productive meditative work!

If my body is in a head-dress, or without it, or even it is no clothes completely — in all these cases I can learn to feel the infinite Greatness of God around me (as the soul, the individual “I”)!

One can feel God around in all four sides plus in the top and bottom — separately and then simultaneously! God — on each side — is infinitely more than my body, than my “I”!

Every time I try to feel God further and further away from the starting point.

On all sides “I” is surrounded with the Enormity of God! I am drowning and disappearing in Him — and then — there is only God!

He — is so Great that “I” do not worthy to be taken into account! There is only God! Allahu Akbar!

My former sense of self is now replaced by the realization of the Greatness of God!

* * *

The wilderness will favor for mastering this meditation: no interference from the energy fields of idle people and plants. Sandy deserts and shoals or large natural water reservoirs are very comfortable for this!

But do all at once can be successful in this?

No: first, the developed spiritual heart, not the head, must become the center of self-feeling! There is no reason in trying to learn to meditate from a head: nothing good will be! Head chakras are not capable for such meditations.

But if one has already raised oneself as the spiritual heart, the meditation allows him or her to replace gradually the feeling of former “I” — with the sense of God. Thus the process of direct cognition of Him and Mergence with Him begins.

I will make only two more notes:

1. Development of oneself as the spiritual heart must just be passed ahead before the process of cognition of God. The idea can be helpful that it is necessary to seek to envelop God — more and more far and wide — with me as the spiritual heart.

2. It needs to understand that it is not enough for the cognition of God — only mastering the mentiond meditation, which is accomplished only in one spatial dimension: one must seek to cognize God in all His Manifestations [8-11].

* * *

The theme of development of oneself as the spiritual heart always was attending in Islam, as well as in other religious branches. For example, the true school of Sufism worked just so. The same can be said about the main line of Christianity — Hesychasm. [7-9]

But, sadly, there are distorted forms of religion, where the tendency exists to turn a religious life into only rituality and violence of some people over others… instead of everyone — individually and collectively — to improve oneself.

There are “Muslims” and “Christians” for whom the religion is, first of all, hatred for people of other faiths or of other nationalities… With shouts “Allahu Akbar!” such “Muslims” commit acts of terror… “Christians” who are similar to them are not better… All they may believe that for this paradise will be their abode… But they all are tragically wrong: paradise is the abode for those who developed themselves as love. Those who were living in hatred — they will be in hell…

And there are even whole countries where criminal politicians create the “consolidating the society national idea”, consiting in hatred to other religious or ethnic groups!

But God teaches us the opposite:

Forget about the nationalities! Reject all such strifes! Feel everything — as one Family of children of One God! Love each other, help each other! [7]

… Railway station. We are waiting for our train. On the next platform — huffed drunk man: the tall potbellied aggressive primitive. He yells with bad voice:

“I'm here — Russian! Of Orthodox faith! But those here!…”

… A worker of the railway station walks near with a cart for garbage; he is a visitor from the Central Asian Muslim republic.

Drunk man — to him. Punches by fist in the face. One! Two!

Worker avades both punches.

The guards on duty run up, take the drunk man arms, persuade to calm down…

… Worker-the-Muslim continues to roll his cart, shifts a litter from bins into it. He comes to the one next bin where we are standing.

He is in quite calm. Neither in his behavior, nor in the expression of the face, nor in the state of consciousness — there is no the slightest sign of emotional disturbance, excitement…

He is the true spiritual seeker, the veritable Muslim, who gave himself up to Allah and implemented that Allah is really Akbar! And that primitive… — Allah will determine his fate… The participation of embodied person in this situation — would be needless…

“Never take your own revenge!” (Romans 12:19) — the New Testament recommends to us. And “…each one of us will give an account of himself to God!” (Romans 14:12).

* * *

God also teachs us by such words:

Eliminate your “I”! Feel Me!

In the Ocean vast — you will achieve your Peace!

You will merge with Me — and disappear in Me!

So — you will be born again in the Silence and Transparency!


(Recorded by

Alexey Grechanikov

in July 2012)

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