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As salamu alaykum! Peace to you!

Approximately one and a half thousand years ago God presented people with knowledge of Him through prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

That was the time of wars between people of that region of the Earth. And it was a feat in front of God to fight with weapons and die — for the ideas of that new religious truth. Also that was the time when a new culture of relations between people was forming, and the followers of Muhammad were craving to imitate him in everything…

But now the time is different. Now mankind is on another step of its development. It has more deep and broad philosophical-religious knowledge. And God wants from us other deeds and feats: the feats of perfecting ourselves, first of all. God wants us to develop our spiritual hearts, to become souls consisting of love, because He is the Perfect Love. Therefore, the true Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. In the Quran, the eternal truths have to be emphasized — the truths about God and about efforts on perfecting ourselves as souls aimed at becoming closer to Him through love for Him. It is these efforts that He wants from us now. And our spiritual lives must be adapted to the modern level of development of human society, what is documented in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This web site is dedicated to this knowledge.